The Chess Club part 1

The bell rang, signaling the end of another school day. My students hurried out leaving me alone in my class room, same as I have done for the last fifteen years. I have taught history in high school since I was twenty-two. Where has the time gone, I thought. When I started my teaching career, I was an idealistic college graduate who was going to save the world’s youth by teaching them

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Sensual Seduction

My name is Sara, I’m twenty-eight, single, brunette, brown eyes, pretty face, shapely figure. Some people tell me that I look like Katy Perry, but I think I’m better looking than her. I am a passionate, fun-loving woman. I like to dress sexy and look provocative, I love to flirt, and most of all I love sex. Sex is a thrilling part of my life and I love writing sensual, seductive erotic

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My two moms

My mother and stepmother had a fiery rivalry between them and our week-long family vacation at the beach gave them a perfect opportunity to continue competing against each other before we went back home for the holidays. They always wanted to outdo each other in whatever they did and telling by the first day, it seemed that showing off their bodies was their target for the week. They both

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Kimmi ends up on Santa's naughty list

It is a snowy, cold Christmas Eve and Kimmi snuggles under the covers. She is wearing her Christmas nightie. It is a red see-through short gown with soft, white fur trim. The top of the gown barely covers her ample breasts. Red lace panties cover her tight, round bottom. Kimmi is a petite young woman with expressive big blue eyes, full kissable lips, and brown hair that had been kissed by

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Layover in Chicago

As I’m walking through the terminal to my gate, I turn the corner and see you heading the same direction. I fall in behind you, mesmerized by the way your hips sway with every step. I eventually duck into a store to grab a drink, and make my way to the gate. As I approach the gate, I see you again, and as your eyes scan up my body, we lock eyes, and smile at each other briefly.  I take a

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Reunited chapter three

BILLY                    I’d seen what mum needed as she proudly showed me the field, and to say that I was impressed would have been the biggest understatement ever. She’d done miracles! It cost me all the money I had and a bit more besides, thanks to my credit card, but when mum eventually surfaced, I’d already dug out the base for it. “Is it in order for me to ask what you’re doing?”

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Dominating a sixteen-year-old

After a long day at work, I was at the grocery store and it seemed like I had a young admirer. I had noticed this young boy following me around, with his parents nowhere to be seen. I found it strange but didn’t make anything of it, as I was just trying to get what I came for and go home. He followed me aisle to aisle and continued to look at me for almost a minute before he walked towards

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The Good Neighbour, Part Five

The next few weeks alternated for Tobin between glorious, delirious sex with Jimmy, and interminable, impatient waiting. Jimmy decreed that they should get together once a week, or twice at the most, always just after Tobin finished school, so that he’d have cover. Tobin understood the logic of Jimmy’s caution, but in the war between his brain and his cock? Well, the days between trysts

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In the library

Deviantsusie whispers to Cathy_slut98: What are your limits? Susie paused before hitting send. The conversation had moved along very quickly. This was good. She wasn’t in the mood for flirty banter. She was angry when she logged on. The news that her lover had dumped her had thrown her for six. Her ex was blaming the fact that Susie had been too busy at work to keep her in check. The

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I wish I could think clearer than I do. I wish I could see things better than I do. Sometimes, when you can see everything, you miss the things that matter most. My job? Seeing. And I see a lot. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say I see everything. Everything important, anyway. I stare down the screens packed into a small room, and make sure nothing bad happens. Security.

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Wife's Massage

Based on an actual event based on a massage I did for a husband.   I live in a pretty small community and have often looked for good massages in my area. I saw an ad by a local guy who specializes in full body massages for women, so I clicked on it to see if it would be a good gift for my wife. It stated that the goal of the massage was not to orgasm, but it typically happened. I started

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Apres Ski (Hand Job Series)

When I lived in Montreal, I had a secret affair with one of my roommates. Her name was Sheri, she was 5’6″, about 130 lb with a nice body. Her best features were her blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. She wouldn’t have believed me if I told her, but there were times she seemed to shimmer. Sheri was a girl that I’d known since grade three, and she also happened to have been my first crush.

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Getting to know my betrothed

Let me tell you my little story. It’s sort of a love story, well to me it is anyway. I grew up in a very traditional household. My dad was of the old ways and believed in fate and love and the way to do things shouldn’t be changed. He had a tailoring business and it flourished. He had taken on a few partners over the years, but only one of them held the same respect for tradition as he did,

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My Cheating Wife

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching my beautiful young wife making a few final adjustments to her appearance before we go to a party being hosted by her boss and his wife at their home. She’s wearing yet another new dress, one of dozens that she’s bought since starting her job as the personal assistant to the managing director of a property management company. Until recently, she

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Whores 2

They rode in silence back to the house. Stone was trying to wrap his brain around the last hour of his life while Nikki stared out the window with a vacant smirk. Her hand rested on her upper thigh, deceptively delicate fingers surreptitiously digging against the shape of her mound as it pushed against her jeans. He knew she felt him thinking about her. He could practically smell it rising

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Merry Christmas to One and All

WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY. Outside the world was white and frosty with the North wind blowing great gusts of snow this way and that depending on its mood. But in a small bungalow way out in the middle of nowhere recently wed Ted and Alice were enjoying their first Christmas morning together opening their presents… Ted opened his last gift to discover a box full of

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Sister Helps Her Brother

Tyler came rushing through the living area cursing as he went to his room. Kimber felt concern for her twin brother and went to see what was wrong. Their 18th birthday had been a few months ago, and they had decided to share an apartment. She knocked on his door and asked if she could come in. He replied yes and she entered his room and sat on the bed next to him. What’s wrong?” she asked.

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Santa's Last Stop Part Two

Christine woke up on February the 12th with a sense of excitement. As if she would be meeting Santa again. She stretched as the suns morning rays shone through the crack of her curtains bathing her in a halo. Slowly the room came into focus and there on the bed by her feet was a present with a letter. The style was similar if not identical to the gift from Santa at Christmas. Excitedly she

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Reunited chapter two

I felt really strange sitting in the lounge of an hotel with my son whilst he told me about how his step mother had been frigid for much of her marriage to his father.  It was something I didn’t really want to know about, so I pushed him about why they’d had what he called strong words. “Well,” he grinned shyly, “They’d been out to a friend’s wedding, they should have stayed overnight, but

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I Divorce My Cheating Husband and It Leads to Something So Much Better

Hello all, I am Jessica or Jess for short, I would like to thank all of you for coming and reading my first story. My story, when Michael and I first meet in the second school, when we were both sixteen. Michael or Mick for short, was the school photographer and I was the head cheerleader and gymnast. Michael was always around taking my picture for the school paper and we become very close

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The Demon Eloc – Part 1

Like a lot of teens, I went through a “Goth” stage; dyed my blond hair jet black, including my eyebrows. I used black nail polish and dressed in all black as well. To my parent’s consternation, I pierced my nose, eyebrows and tongue and got a couple of tattoos. I also dated both men and women of all ages and ethnicities and they would preach to me about it constantly. It wasn’t so much

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Pagliacci Tears

Spinning yarn of lore fables Of a rustic fool on a string Attired in my clown regalia Crying with Pagliacci tears Of your infidelity By charming a costume patch And you with foible of panache Like the Devil’s mustache Sipping wine from a carafe With a soul of Armageddon Giving my heart contusions As my words fade into obscurity Sinking in my drunken euphoria By letting myself

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Why Would You Love?

If you must love me, let it have no motive Except for love’s sake only. Never say ‘I love her for her smile-her look-her way Of loving, and her pleasure – or for a trick of thought That falls in well with yours, and with it brought A sense that all will be right one sweet day’- For these things are fleeting and, Beloved, may Change or be changed-and love, so taught, May be untaught in

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No Other Place

  When I think of her, my heart burns When I think of her, my cock stirs When my heart burns and my cock stirs  I have no other thoughts to yearn When she dreams, her mind does glow When she thinks, her core does flow  When her mind does glow and her core does flow  There are no other thoughts to know When we caress, our hearts are heard  When we kiss, our passion stirred When our hearts

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How do I love you?

For Justine How do I love you? How shall I count the ways?  Is there depth, or breadth or height,  or aught that to measurement yeilds?  How should I begin to measure it?    Shall I love you by quota, to the mark of the day, or by the standard or some man-made measurement?  Would that be right, or do?    I love you purely, or as pure as passion allows a woman like me to love.

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My wife and our new neighbor part nine

The next day was Thursday and it was Kevin’s turn to sleep with her. I got home from work and she met me at my car. We kissed and she explained that Jason wanted her to give all of her attention to Kevin again; like the other night. I told her that I was fine with that and that I found it very hot watching her and Kevin together. We went inside and Kevin was already there; she poured me

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The Christmas Draw

It all started as a silly joke, along with my girlfriend Jennifer I had been invited to a Hen weekend for a friend from work. Someone in the group decided to organise surprise gifts, everyone was to buy something suitably smutty and sexual to be presented to the bride to be during the evening. My Girlfriend Jen informed me of a new sex store that had just opened in the next town, and we

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Translated, the hotel’s name was ‘Sea View’. Or ‘View of the Sea,’ Steve said. ‘Technically.’ He’d picked it for their honeymoon, knowing Jenny would love its balconied rooms, its secluded breakfast patio and its swimming pool at the rear. And she’d adore how beyond, down a calcified path, lay a private beach and the sea. He was right. Jenny loved all that, though she loved the view most.

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