Not Going To Be Cheap: The Sequel

The experience at the hands of the two mechanics had awakened a sleeping need in Cathy. She had always masturbated regularly, but now the itch in her hairy pussy seemed to never end, her need for satisfaction was constant. Now, no shower went by without her pleasuring herself. Today was no exception. In fact, she had only just had her second cum of the day, lying on her bed with her

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Holiday of a Lifetime Part Two

I was sixteen years old and with my best friend, Simon and his parents Katie and Victor, we were spending the summer holidays on the island of Majorca in their huge luxurious villa. Another couple, who were friends with Katie and Victor were also staying with us and they were called Wendy and John. Earlier in the holiday, I found myself in the unbelievable position of being alone with

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Emmanuelle; part one

I had watched my friend, Emmanuelle, disappear off with Anne. Pressed for time as I was, with only a few hours until the concert began, I asked my new lover, Emily, what she thought of Emm. ‘What do you imagine I think, Pixie. She is drop-dead gorgeous, no wonder Anne has taken the afternoon off…’ ‘No,’ I interjected, ‘you must have missed what they were saying. Emm is looking for

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Free erotic short stories to make your ardor harder and your panties damp.

Some stories from this blog were being published illegally on Amazon under the name of Bridgid Embers – although they have been removed they are still appearing on the publisher’s website.

Readers of Caffieri, McAllister and Killeen Stories on the web now total: 55,546,270 read more

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Prison Story

Life can be sweet until you fuck up. Life was going great for Michael Brand. He was living the high life. He had beautiful girls following him around. Nice cars and a cool house. He wore fancy sneakers and all the cool hoodies any guy would want. He loved designer clothes and living the high life. Michael had the greatest parties. Everybody who was anybody went to them. Michael was a

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An Angel So Divine

An angel so divine, She was so perfect In every single way With her halo Shining so bright. I was falling in love With the girl next door She could have been An angel from above, Sent down to be with me. Her lips were so soft, And crimson red The thought of kissing her Was stuck in my head. When we kissed, It was just so succulent Tasted honey sweet She was just like candy Her beauty was

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The Games We Play

I saw you in those faded jeans you wear, the ones so tight, I can almost see your cunt, and how they grip your ass and make me want to hump you, and ride you like a stallion.   You’re such a bad girl who likes to tease me with that tight shirt you wear, the one that can’t contain your tits, the one that lets me see your nipples, lets you see my lust for you before you walk away,

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Very Sweet Revenge

“You think they’ll be doing it yet?” Cassie looked at the handsome face of this man who’d just introduced himself as Brad, before she answered bitterly, “Beyond the first hillock, he’ll have her on her back with his hand up her shorts.” Brad’s eyes lowered, as he said, “Unkind feelings, maybe, but I hope she gets sand up her—” He looked up at Cassie. Cassie just smiled, “Justice,” she

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Joyce and Marianna

I pushed my nervous lover onto the bed. She didn’t like initiating, so I always took the lead, which of course I didn’t mind. Joyce had her arms close to her chest, defensively, staring up at me with her innocent doe eyes. Her face was flushed from our make-out session a moment ago when I suggested we take it to my room. My red lipstick dotted her face. God, I wanted her. I reached a hand

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Darcy's Adventures 01

With her errands completed, Darcy pushed through the door of the woodworker’s shop on High Street. It was a small space, displaying only a few of the pieces Cooper had created, and was dominated by a long counter stacked with binders full of drawings showcasing the work he was capable of. Darcy knew his actual workshop was out back, and everything he created was made to order. “Well,

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Semina Vitae Ten

Nine Thirty PM at the Foshay The elevator ride and the walk to the room were filled with banter and laughter over Mary’s prank. John and Mack could not be more pleased with Mary at the moment. There was no doubt that she had left all the women wishing they were her and all the men wishing they were either Mack or John tonight. As they entered the hotel room, Mack walked over to the

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The Asian Business Woman

I worked in a wholesale dry-goods warehouse in a rather large import city, shuffling paperwork and filling orders for coats, jackets and a sundry of clothing items. Every now and then, my boss would bring a customer into the warehouse to look at our stock levels and to show them how we managed orders. The customer visits didn’t happen very often and for that, I was happy, as they were a

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Hotel Room

  The sun was shining into the room and onto the bed through the open curtains. I woke up in unfamiliar surroundings and looked around trying to understand where I was. “Oh, right. a hotel room,” I thought. Once again, I was away from home on a business trip: a few days of meetings on either side of a weekend. Thankfully, it was Saturday morning and there was no hurry to get up, so I

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Mating Season, Middle

I arrived at the Drury Sports Bar a little later than expected on the evening of Valentine’s Day. The delay was a result of finishing up a story I was writing called “Mating Season.” The story is a remembrance of what happened on a previous Valentine’s Day not long ago. This time I was meeting the girl in a red sweater like we had arranged online. When I arrived at the bar, she was

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Memories are enough

Your memories are enough for me I will store them in the dark corners of my mind Where no one can see. I knew you will disappear Like a cute dew drop;  The brief sojourn with you Is enough for me, For, you will be with me always As an invisible friend By my side always. What will I do when you are gone I have often wondered. I knew you’re going away Would happen anytime. If you

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The Star

So, you’re a star On the road  Name in lights Face on billboards Obscene amounts of money You can have almost anything. And anyone. Tonight’s show is over Or beginning. Backstage, you stride into the crowded room High on adulation superstar adrenaline junkie. At the stage door girls jiggle in line Meanwhile, you snort one. Bourbon lubricates a raw throat. Touring can be rough. Soon,

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Summer at Pond Cove – Chapter 03

Holly and I ran the two miles up the beach to Uncle Walter’s place. We were both laughing and giggling as we ran. My laughter was because I had never run naked in the moonlight before. Hers was because as I watched her naked body reflecting the moonlight, Little Bill had awakened and was sticking out straight in front of me. It was flopping up and down and from side to side as I ran. When

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Yesterday and Today I Sucked a Cock

Yesterday I was hanging out down at the bus station. I have had good luck finding guys there willing to suck my cock. I’m a thirty-year old bachelor who has moderate success with the ladies, but never found a girl that sucked my cock as good as guys do. And damn, I love my cock sucked. I have a drop dead gorgeous sister that is twelve years younger than me. I have had guys offer to suck

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Daughter's Drop

It was that time of the year again; his daughter Amaura was coming back home. Already eighteen, and so talented! Julius, being a simple carpenter, had saved and saved for years to allow his daughter an education, and one at the best magical academy of the city, at that! After her mother’s death, Amaura had turned quiet and studious, and Julius only thought it the best to allow her the

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Call me Pixie: Part Seven

Pressed into Emily’s firm, but yielding breasts, with Anne’s nipples in my back, I was caught in their close hug. Emily lay back on the bed, taking me with her. I felt myself falling, landing on her warm flesh; I sighed. I sighed again as I felt Anne’s body on mine. Her hands were firmly on my slim hips, and I could feel her mound, with its landing strip, against my tight little ass.

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Please Be My First

Henry Lane just finished a long day and went to his favorite watering hole.  He sat at the bar and ordered some dinner and a pitcher of his favorite beer.  There were mostly young people there.  Henry was a more mature man.  He wondered if the people there though he was cringy.  Young people think everyone is cringy. Henry’s dinner was put down on the bar.  He enjoyed his burger and fries. 

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Chance Encounter: The sequel

After the time at the glory hole, both girls knew their lives had changed. They had gone from young wives and mothers to thrill-seeking bitches. Apart from the cocks they had wanked, it had been the first time they had sexually touched each other. Jane had thrilled at the feel of Sue’s tongue licking and sucking her clit. Now when they found themselves alone, they never missed the

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The True Adventures of “Those Four”

These tales are actually based on myself and my three friends from my own schooldays. We were known by teaching staff as “those four”, as in, “You need to keep an eye on those four.” The four were Karen, Di, Sue and me. Karen was slightly older, and she was the one who had seduced each of us, introducing us one at a time to lesbian sex and to bondage games. We hung out together as a

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Meet the Wife – Part 1

It was around 6 pm when Lynn and I finally woke up from our nap. Lynn woke up first and was lying there looking at me. I think she had been doing this for a while and I must have felt her staring at me in my sleep. I really don’t like when people stare at me while I am sleeping, it creeps me out. But waking up to Lynn staring at me was not all that bad. Lynn smiled and left the bed. She

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Red Eye Delight

Business trips can be boring, tedious, and tiring. Especially the “red eye” flights. This one started out as they all have in the past. At least this time, I got upgraded to first class. Just a perk of having flown so many times. New York to LA was a long flight, but it would be fairly comfortable. I saw her as she was greeted by the flight attendant. She was conservatively dressed in a

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Dark Rain

Beams of lazy light sink into pools as amber droplets cascade and puddle, shimmering on the rain-streaked asphalt, chasing away the night one street-light at a time. The rustling branches of overhanging trees like secretive whispers in the darkness bow and sway in the evening breeze, their leaves wearing droplets of rain like the diamonds of queens. Your heels click on the dark,

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Call me Pixie: part 6

As we went back to Emily’s room, my mind was working overtime. I had never been with two women at the same time, let alone two dominant ones. In a very short time, I had gone a long way from my previous vanilla love life. Hand in hand between Anne and Emily, I was, I reflected, tummy fluttering, about to go a great deal further. Emily opened the door. Anne held my hand. She looked down at me.

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I Want… I Need…

I want to see that look in your eyes That tells me that I’m the only one. That look that screams of desire and lust, The look you have for only me. I want to feel that passion in your kiss, That makes my pussy wet and my knees weak. I want you to make me your whore, your slut, your cum catcher Fucking me the way only you can do. Pinning me against a wall just after I walk through the

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Up Against The Wall

It’s one of those decisions you know you shouldn’t make but can’t help it. I was in the general area of an Ex-girlfriend of mine, one that I had not seen for ages and something just came over me, a desire to find out if she still lived in the same house, and if so, how she was keeping? It was a bad decision. Or was it? I had always thought of her from time to time, simply because I

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A New Beginning

My marriage was on the rocks. My wife and I were still living together with our three children, but we might as well have been separated. Once I realized the seriousness of our situation, I tried everything I could think of, including suggesting couples counseling. She didn’t want to go to counseling, and didn’t really seem interested in trying to fix what was broken. Our marriage

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