Tom, the Boarder

I married my high school sweetheart. Bill came from what I would call an “Old-Fashioned Traditional” family, and by that, I mean, his mom never worked outside of the home and they went to Church every Sunday. She cleaned, cooked, had babies and raised kids until they were empty-nesters, the normal suburban household of the 60s and 70s. My husband finished college when I was a freshman, and

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Daddy's Cock

I love waking up naked every morning next to Daddy. Make no mistake – he’s not my father. To the rest of the world, he’s my fianceé, Mark, but I’m his good (well, mostly good) little girl and he’s my Daddy. And I love being his good little girl almost as much as I love all of the grown-up things we do together. But I have to admit, I have a pretty serious obsession with Daddy’s cock.

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Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Seven

An Indeterminate Point In The Future The sunlight streams through the window, making your dirty blonde locks glow shimmer like a curtain of molten metal. You’re perched naked on a stool, wiggling hot pink painted toenails, music pumping into you from a beat-up iPod held together by tape and a little bit of grace courtesy of Granny Teague’s main man in the sky. “Lookin’ fine as hell

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Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 18-19)

Alice and I hurried toward the source of illumination like moths to a flame. A glimmering halo of white light surrounded the hole Alice cut through the snow drift at the tunnel’s entrance. I crawled into the air shaft that she’d excavated and punched through a thin cap of frost at the end and was instantly dazzled by blinding sunshine. “Alice, Come here and take a look, you aren’t going

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Good Neighbours

I saw Miranda across the street as soon as I came around from the backyard. It was a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon on an August long weekend. My neighbour was dressed for the steamy weather in tight little shorts and a string bikini top. Pausing, I drank in that sight with a soft sigh. Miranda was standing over her lawn mower with a sour look on her pretty face. As I watched, she pulled

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Dressing up part 3

It has been nearly two years since my sisters caught me dressing up. Since then my mother had put me on a strict diet and gave me pills to make me into a girl. I have been transitioning slowly and now have a girly figure. I love my round ass and small soft breasts. I now have my own wardrobe with many sexy clothes that I just love wearing. Mom has also made sure that my sisters look after

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Summer Vacation of a Lifetime

My name is Adam Rockwood and I am twenty-one years old, a country boy at heart. My dad was a hard-working logger and I inherited his rugged looks. I wear my dirty blond hair down to my shoulders, which has just a bit of a curl to it. I’m six-foot, two-inches tall, with a muscular build but I have a ruddy complexion that is a turn off to most girls. I did inherit my mom’s icy blue eyes, which

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A Monkey on her Back Chapter three

It was mid-afternoon the following day before I woke up again. I lay for a minute or two whilst trying to focus my mind on what we’d done and almost automatically my hand went down to my groin as I recalled her squirming under me shouting at me to fuck her, ram it in harder and all the many other things she’d said. I was quite apprehensive as I pulled on my shorts and went downstairs, but

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The Swans neck: chapter one

My Mistress was worried; which worried me. ‘Danegyth, this could end badly for us all, you are a clever little thing, can you think of a way in which we could persuade the earl to think again.’ I hated to see my beloved Ealdgyth upset. By common consent she was the most beautiful woman in England. Known as ‘the fair; or ‘swans neck,’ and her husband, the great Godwin earl, Harold, loved

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Army Wife Gets Lonely

When I tell you the bare bones of my marriage, you’ll probably think it’s a stereotype and, in many ways, I suppose you’re right. We met in school where I was Amanda, the head cheerleader and swimming star, and he was Michael, captain of the football team. See, what a conventional image! Anyway, we dated throughout school and, at eighteen years old, we decided to get married. That was

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Caught! The Sequel

Applied knowledge and vision can yield self-liberation. Bobby couldn’t wait to get back to town and tell William (Will) about his adventure getting caught masturbating by two older girls and how they talked him into jerking while they watched him cum. How Suzie had sucked his cock, sharing it with her friend, including his cum! How they had taken some photos holding his dick, and that

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Echo in the Mirror

In silence, I sit and I stare at a ray of sunlight It’s forced its way through the cracks in my window blinds. Blinds meant to block the glow, Meant to keep the radiance out. But, it finds a way to penetrate Cascading down, Etching shadows in the ripples of the wood floor. It wants to rouse me To open my eyes and breathe life into my soul. I run my fingers through the beam, My skin

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The Wife Denies and the Nanny Provides – Part Four

I worked the stick aggressively on my Porsche as I sped home early, my mind racing with thoughts of fucking our young nanny, Jill, all afternoon.  My wife, Sue, continued to neglect my sexual needs and had forced me to seek satisfaction with our hot live-in nanny for the last several months.  I turned onto our street anticipating the feel of our nanny’s luscious lips wrapped around my

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Beach Couple Showing Off

This morning (Friday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast summer days.  About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky. After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of my place).  I’d touch up my speedo tan and do some paperwork.  When I go up to Birdie Beach I usually park in the normal carpark just to see what is

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Twin Vacation part 1

My twin sister and I were gifted a week at an all-inclusive resort for our graduation from High School. Being twins we were almost identical except I am male and she is female, so we kind of just kept to ourselves in High School. We had friends of course but we really wanted to spend a week together just us as we got ready to start our lives separate from each other for the first time since

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Cougar on the Prowl (titfight)

Patricia stretched lazily, gazing at her latest conquest as the young, muscular guy continued to sleep off his exhaustion. He’d certainly earned a bit of rest after his hard work the previous night, having managed not one or two or even three, but full four rounds or hot, steamy sex. Which, incidentally, was exactly why Patricia always went after younger men – what they might lack in

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Rainy Night – Part 4

As the sun started to break through her eyelids, Tina could feel her body tingling all over as she woke from her deep slumber. She moved her leg to the side of the bed and a hot, fiery orgasm swept over her. “Oh, oh my god, that was good,” she whispered when the feelings started to subside. She thought that any substantial movement would send her into an uncontrollable explosion of

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A Sissy's Journal Page

Sitting here naked except for my cage, what a feeling the cold steel around my cock and balls has set me free to explore. Last night with Mistress was the best! As I relive it I want to touch myself but I am locked away, no access to a key and I love it for my cock is no longer mine. My ass is still all tingly in such a good way. Mistress is getting less and less shy about spanking me harder!

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Having Sex with Strangers

My name is Beverly. I am twenty-eight years old, single, career-minded, attractive and petite, and I love sex. Most women won’t admit that. But I am not like most women. I like writing stories about my love for sex. I am not ashamed of the things that I do, although I will admit, most of it is pretty kinky. A good preview of that is my uncanny desire to have sex with strangers.  Sex has

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Amy's First Time

I was a high school sophomore of sixteen when I met the guy who would take my virginity.  I knew he would be older because I wanted an experienced lover to teach me the ropes and no ordinary high school boy would be the one to fill that role.  I knew sixteen was problematic, but I looked every bit of eighteen and was confident that I could navigate the issue.   Tall and dark-haired with

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The Ladies’ Restroom

Someone walked into the bathroom. Ragan pivoted her head. “I thought I told you ten minutes?” “Yes, you did, however, you still waited. I guess desperation has no morals.” Ragan looked into the woman’s eyes. ‘You bitch,’ she wanted to say. The woman opened the door and looked out. She closed the door back and locked it. She slowly walked up to Ragan. “What’s your name?” “My name.

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Akimbo To The Stars

And when the hour is at its rest, over the sunset as the Autumn’s night shines through my slats, akimbo to the stars, and jelly jars. Of everything you mean to me, and moonlight tea with sweet kisses from your lips like ginger snaps, akimbo to the stars, and trading cards. Dancing to the wind-borne echoes with the strings of the mandolin, akimbo to the stars, and you my puffin.

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A Bisexual Summer

I am a mature widower having lost my bride of fifty-four years, ten months and fourteen days days due to complications from pancreatic cancer. Since becoming a widower I have been dabbling in my bisexual side more and more. I had some minor experience during my youth but have been much more active recently. My uptick in activity can be traced to me joining a swinger’s web site called

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The Snowglobe Conspiracy #002: Slow Motion Blackout

When my conscious mind returns to the experience at hand, I am pleased that I allowed myself a bit of distraction. I am still as hard as granite, and now I am ready for more. It’s more than apparent that they are too. Emily’s mouth might actually be watering as she looks longingly at my the tip of my cock. She moves toward it as the moth to the lantern. At the moment she puts it in her

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Alex was a good-looking Rugby player from London. He was in his 20’s and had just been given his dream job in the states and moved there. He was a little unusual in that he lusted after older women … like women in their 40’s. Their maturity and experience really turned him on. He had not had much success in his search in his hometown, London. Maybe America would be different, he hoped. And

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How Carolyn Became a Slutwife

My husband Mark has been sharing me with other men and women for over thirty years, and in that time I’ve engaged in virtually every sexual activity there is that doesn’t involve pain or humiliation. That includes public flashing, couple swapping, threesomes, foursomes, oral only gangbangs, full gangbangs, bukkake, public sex, anal, double penetration, all kinds of sexual games and toys,

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