The Most Erogenous Zone; Part One

Everything changed after I died. Three times. Tough day, that. The first two times they worked furiously to resuscitate me, restore a heartbeat, respiration, CPR, the basics. it was sausage factory emergency medicine at its finest, with unsung heroes stubbornly refusing to let death win. The third time, however, I was truly dead. Or so they say – all the best medical minds with all

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Jenna and Celeste in the Movies

A hot June sun glittered on the water’s surface, but the Pacific breeze cooled Jenna and Celeste, as they settled with their drinks at Armando’s Venice Beach cafe. “You might need something stronger than a Frappuchino to get through this afternoon,” Jenna said, and she chugged on the neck of her beer as if to reinforce the point. Celeste eyed her, sipping nervously through her straw.

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Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Part 3

As often happens, life interferes with love, and it does so when you would least desire for it to interfere. I had met and loved Kristen, and we had loved together, and so many things had been said and promised and alluded to. Then, business called me away for several months of travel. Up and down the east coast. Through the southern states. There lived a conspiracy against my ever returning

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Every Night?

For as long as I can recall I have had fantasies of submission and of being dominated, degraded and humiliated. In most of my relationships, I had tried to encourage my partner to spank or tease me and had adopted a submissive role. Most of the times it was fairly tame and playful although I had come across a few more…interesting types from time to time. More than one who was a bit scary.

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Mona Loses Her Anal Virginity On Christmas

It was Christmas Eve and Mona looked smoking hot. To appease her parents, she went to church with them around 6:00 pm– but she was sure to dress to the nines in an outfit that made the entire congregation pray for her soul. To top it all off, her long dark hair was styled in soft curls and her lips were covered in dark red lipstick When the service was over and dinner consumed, she headed

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The Slut Academy

The Sexual Academy Dedicated to providing the utmost in satisfaction Dedicated to the training of Wives, Mistresses, Maids, Husbands, Grooms, etc. 224 Glenferrie Rd. Malverne  SE 4 * Phone U 4761 Inquiries Welcome Our calling card had been profusely distributed in all the best Gentlemen’s Clubs in London and had proven to be hugely successful. In less than six months we

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Far Away Love

Time has come for me to share my deep dark secret. I love you. But I know I can never have you. Our lives so far apart but I feel you close. My love will stay locked away. Till the day it’s ready to fade away. My handsome man you have my heart. While our lives live apart. Yours, forever.  

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A Disorderly House

“You provide sexual health services to men and women?” Mark Walters had a bemused look on his face. Two of his three potentially new clients were seated at his polished mahogany meeting table looking exactly like centerfolds might look from some sexy Seniors Over 50 magazine. Casually bordering on inappropriate, the younger sister wore only a red lace push-up bra underneath her white

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Dick Pics and Panty Licks

Evelyn was lost. Heavy lashes shielded the natural bedroom light as her burning desire radiated from her core. Her melted honey seeped from her delicate folds. It was for him. All for him. The increasing euphoric groans filled the room. He was with her. His words coursed through her sensory neurons, commanding her every move. She wanted to show him just what he did to her. How her smooth

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Banging The Bus Driver

Pamela had been riding the school bus from her home, about fifteen miles outside of Sweetwater, Tennessee for several years. She had lived in the area since she was born and while it was great as a young child – she was a bit of a tomboy back then and could keep up with any other kid, boy or girl – now that she was getting older, she was finding the small town life a bit of a bore. Although

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Dressing Room Rendezvous (The Masseuse, Part 3)

It was a hot summer day. In her townhouse, Megan was trying to stay cool. She had been drinking ice water like crazy, eating popsicles, and even had rubbed her body with ice cubes. Nothing was working. It was mid-July. The air conditioner was broken and, despite the landlady calling several times about the issue, the repair company said it would be another couple of days before they get out

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She wants to get lost in your voice  while you undress her soul, one sinuous thread and one  phantom longing at a time. Leaving her bare and fragile, fear is only a temptation of fleeing, of every vulnerability handed over, being taken but not treasured. She needs reassurance as  you capture her mind, she is your submissive, a beautiful mysterious knot just aching to be untied by  more

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I wake to her facing me asleep, peaceful, and naked in bed, my princess. Finally after over two and a half weeks of running, there’s nowhere to be; nothing to rush. I start rubbing her back and neck when those wonderfully inviting moans of encouragement start getting louder. With her half awake, I switch to her arm as she delights in all my touch. As her coos get more drawn out and sexier,

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Rose's video: Chapter 6: Kate Needs To Talk

POV: Kate I awoke and suddenly licked my lips. ‘I had sex with Rose,’ I thought, rubbing my face slowly. ‘I committed incest and cheated on my husband with my sexy daughter,’ I thought before I lazily leaned up. I peeked over to my left side and bit my bottom lip. “I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, Chase. I fucked our daughter and made both of us feel incredible both inside and out. I know you

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True Swingers – Elise and Andy

Some people say that the past is the past – let it go. But there are some things in my past that I can’t forget. As soon as they start to get buried my mind brings them back to the front and I remember. It can go one of two ways after that: either I forget, just as quickly, or I start to ponder on all of those ‘what if’s?’ These events are over fifteen years ago and my time with a

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A girl like me

I didn’t have an unhappy childhood; my parents were an older couple, and both only children themselves. So, there were no siblings, or cousins to play with. I was boisterous with a mechanical aptitude, they were quiet and bookish. That said, they were kind and loving to their adopted son. However, all of that made any partner’s families a complex thing I didn’t understand. The rivalry,

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Freeloader Ch. 1-2

Chapter 1 – Arrival   Bobby stood out in the busy airport terminal waiting for his sister Lucy, dozens of cars and people streaming by. She was supposed to be here a while ago. He set his rolling suitcase down and checked his phone for the millionth time, but there was still no service. Remind me to finally switch my phone carrier. Piece of shit. Out of nowhere, hands covered

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A Night To Remember

“It looks like you have a horny little fan club, babe,” I said to my wife. We were sitting at a bar after a long, hot day on the beach. About twenty feet away at a table outside on the patio sat three young men who had been staring at Susan since she walked in. I call them young men but I would guess they still had a couple years left to be considered as teenagers. “Yea, I’ve felt

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The Ladies from AUNTIE, chapter 1

‘This spying lark is not,’ I told my wife, ‘all it is in the films.’ ‘Why is that, darling?’ Sarah asked me. ‘We don’t have a hunky Daniel Craig type man teasing the office secretaries, and dangerous brunettes wielding stilettoes?’ I could tell by her giggles that she was taking this as seriously as she had my decision to join AUNTIE (The Agency of the United Nations Trafficking Intervention

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Intricate Girl…

        Each sunrise brings new adventure               Each sunset, a new dream.              I chase the images through                 Your labyrinthine mind,              Running, prancing playfully Trying to capture them with my butterfly net,          And return them to you in poems.         Poems deserving of your brilliance,        Calling upon the muses for guidance  Yet, my

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Joining The Mile-High Club

I was onboard flight United Air 678 from Sydney to Los Angeles. I was sitting in the economy class cabin. The flight was full; there was no room to breathe, let alone move. My seat was at the rear end of the plane at a window of a three-seat section. I felt claustrophobic and was not looking forward to the fourteen-hour nonstop flight. I always requested the aisle seat but this flight was

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Sibling love

The first time I had any type of sexual experience with my sister was when I was twenty-six. I was a few years older than she was. I saw her in her room changing out of her school uniform, and she had just taken her pants off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all that day. I went to my room astonished by what I saw. Later that night I was dreaming of all the things I would do to her body

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My First Cock

I have a wish list on Amazon that has special toys and lingerie that I would love to get one day. One day, one of my great friends found it and ordered some new things for me, one of which was a dildo, my very first one. When I got the mail that day I couldn’t wait to know what exactly it was and how it felt in my hand. When I opened the package, I was flushed and just smiling, and I

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Alice's Halloween

Maybe the molly was a mistake but, at the time, it had felt like a good idea and it probably would have been if I had limited it to one pill. Or hadn’t followed that up with a tab of acid adorned with a big yellow smiley face.  There was a moment, several moments in fact, of doubt but then that indescribable feeling of liquid love started rolling through my veins like honey and all was

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A Freebie for Randy – continued

The Saturday morning after giving Randy a freebie I awoke feeling happy and very horny. I was still lying in bed enjoying the smooth feel of my soft skin and the silk camisole and panty set that I put on before bed.  While I was having a good time with myself and my favorite dildo, I heard a knock on the door.  Leaning towards the window I saw the UPS man walking back towards his truck, and

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Taking a China Doll’s Innocence

   Nanci moaned, “Mmmm, are we really going to do this?”      “Yes…” I said, “I think we both want this.”      “I’ve only been with one other guy back home in China… so I’m a little scared.” she confessed.      “Don’t worry Nanci, I’m gonna take good care of you… I promise.”  I said as I sat up, taking hold of her pink panties and pulling them down and tossing them on the floor along with her blue shorts.      “But you’re so much bigger than my boyfirend back home was… I’m afraid it’s going to hurt.”      “Trust me Nanci…” I said trying to calm her, “I’ll be gentle with you.”

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The Bookstore, Ch. 3

Every streetlight made Marie cringe. It took all her willpower not to scrunch down in the seat, but she held her position, sitting up straight with her hands behind her head. She was trembling. She looked at him beseechingly, pleading with her eyes, but he kept his eyes on the road. They stopped at a red light. He turned to her and said, “Spread your legs.” The words sent a pulsing, hot

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The Oriental Isle: chapter eleven

‘No,’ I said to Milady, ‘it was your arrogance and foolishness which did it. Could you not see that the Scots Queen was not made to rule? Before you intrigue to replace a Queen, make sure you have a replacement, not a cardboard cut-out with a pretty face. That she would do your Master’s will would have meant the English would never have accepted her.’ ‘Ah, those English, they will submit in

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My German Love

I was on a train in Germany, traveling from Nuremberg to Munich, which was a little busy to say the least! My husband was sitting on a pull-down seat and I was standing by the door to the corridor– they still have trains with compartments in Germany. I looked through the glass door and on the other side was a very pretty blonde woman about my age, early fifties, with beautiful brown eyes.

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