The VIP Room

I was on the dance floor when they spotted me and started making their way to me. When they got to me one of the men leaned down to my ear, “Miss, we’d like to invite you to the VIP room.” I looked at him in surprise. “Me?” “Yes ma’am. Would you like to come?” I looked at him and the other three men who were with him and smiled. “Hell yes, I’d love to.” I was happy. This was my lucky

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Tom, The Boarder – Fellatio Or Else

Tom spread my legs, saying, “Now, for the best part, you’ll love this,” as he disappeared between them, I felt kisses on my thighs and tongue slurps until he got to my lady parts. Oh my god, I don’t know what he was doing down there, but it felt even better than his big cock in my whoo-ha. I came harder than I ever had in my life. Oh my goodness, that was the best thing ever. Bill had

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L014: Lizzy’s Story: Lizzy’s Vacation 3

With all my excitement about being on vacation with my Daddy, I forgot some of the details about where we are staying.  First, as I think I mentioned earlier, I am about five-foot-four, rather busty, and have a bit of a stomach, making me the perfect little girl for you, my Daddy Daniel.  You are six-foot-two and well-built so it is easy for you to lift and carry me around.  This

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S.E.X.I. Summer

Summer at S.E.X.I He chased her across the quad, her skirts flying, her laughter soaring.  She looked back and sprightly jumped away from his grasping hand, her hair whipping around her face obscuring her view. Then she tripped and landed with her skirt up around her waist, her gentle charms at once thrust into view. He tumbled down beside her and pulled her into him. She wrapped herself up

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If you are not familiar with this term Woofer, it is basically an acronym for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. I know that many would associate it with the word ‘Woof,’ referring to hairy gay bears and cubs, etcetera. Please, however, allow me to explain myself more fully by relating this story to you. After finishing school I decided to enroll at an agricultural college. Yes, I

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Summer Discoveries No. 7: Long Enough

Birds chirped. The sun felt warm on my skin. There was a gentle breeze. My eyes opened, and I saw the lake. The light breeze caused the smallest of crests upon the ripples in the water. My chin was on Jack’s chest. We were both naked. On the lounger beside the pool. At the lake house. My immediate thought was minor panic that we’d be late to pick up the kids. They were at my parents’

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Broken Sonnets for a Departed Lover – I

Waking at three in the morning, my eyes Damp for some reason, I lie silent in the dark Listening for the familiar fall and rise Of your soft breathing; but only the stark   Emptiness of absence surrounds my frail Vacuum. My heartbeat throbs like your cock Used to, while I can only weep with hatred at my stale Desire. My brain screams at me, begging me to mock   My ridiculous

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Her Flock

Kayla moaned into Mary’s folds, her tongue driving the older woman into even more intense throes of climax.  Mary’s hands were entwined in Kayla’s short blonde locks, alternately pulling her against, and shoving her away from her climaxing pussy.  Kayla’s face was smeared with the older woman’s juices, and she was still lapping for every drop she could get. Ever so slowly, she let Mary

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Heidi (Ch.02)

Jack woke the next morning to the feel of hands caressing his neck. He stared into the darkness of Heidi’s underwear and shorts that had so completely taken away his sight. “Heidi?” There was no reply, just the constant clinging of the silk and denim that enclosed his head and removed his senses. Heidi’s used clothing was also limiting his air, forcing him to lie still and behave,

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Pool Party

One afternoon, Linda, a senior like me, but at Hockaday Girls Academy in Dallas, got me to drive her home from school in her sexy uniform with the short little skirt and white panties underneath. She had a pool in her backyard, so she invited me to go for a swim. She knew I didn’t have a suit, so I think she planned it that way. I told her, there was a problem, me not having a suit. She

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The Trip Report

I married young and things have continued to be pretty hot for us both over the last seven years. However, like most married couples we decided we wanted to try some new things. I expressed my desires to my hubby and to my surprise he said, “I’ve come to realize the thing that gets me going the most is knowing you’re turned on by something taboo. I live vicariously through your sexuality.” I

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My Fetish–Sex With Older Men

My name is Riley and I am twenty-three years old. I know that I have a strange fetish but I love sex with older men between the ages of forty and sixty. In fact, I lost my virginity the summer I turned seventeen to my neighbor who was fifty years old. His name was Ben and there was nothing really sexy about him. He had a small beer belly and a stubby four-and-a-half-inch cock. Why I chose him

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1 I accidentally slept with your mom. The woman uncomfortably shuffled on the dock where they were sitting. “Interesting word choice. How’d that make you feel?” “I was stunned. I felt violated.” “Violated?” “Yes.” “How so?” “She’s my mom.” The young man sat expressionless, with his feet lifelessly dangling in the water next to the woman’s. He looked considerably more troubled

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Showing Off For Mom

It was a warm, summer day and we had return from an outing at the beach. After taking showers, we were all relaxing in various states of repose. I was thinking about a cool dinner menu; my husband was asleep in his recliner; my high school daughter was on her phone and my college sophomore son was slumped in the family room easy chair. Since his arrival for summer break, I had noticed that

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The Maid Part 3: Three Into Three Makes One

 It didn’t take me long to get into the bedroom with Cee with Katie not far behind.  Cee spoke up and said, “Katie, I want you to stand near the bed, but you cannot join us unless you are asked to. If you are invited, you are to do as we ask. Is that understood?” “Yes, ma’am.” “Good. Now take off your shorts and stay where you are.”   “Yes, ma’am.” She didn’t hesitate to remove her

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Our New Friend – Morning

Our bed isn’t large. Though it’s more or less as large as it could be, within the constraints of the room. Our bedroom isn’t large either. Between the walls and the bed, there’s only enough room for single-file access to the cupboards and the bedside cabinets. There’s some disarray to be found, if one were looking, and further chaos can be discovered behind the cupboard doors and inside

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The Ladies from AUNTIE, chapter 6

I knew Emm had finally finished her marathon session with Miss Sinn when, about the time the dawn hour broke, I received a text saying: ‘She says my ass is the best tasting one ever. She tongues almost as well as me … gotta go.’ As she explained later that day (where did she get her energy from?) Angie and her had a lot in common, one of the things being that she worked for the

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Where Apostles Now Rest

In shadows of an illuminating moonlight Feverish touches to excite Eager bodies entangled, as flowing streams sail throughout the night Love showers soar on an ardent clandestine flight Burning desires sinking as passionate flames persist to ignite With soft caresses kissed to your skin This night fate and destiny of our union blend Midnight yearnings echo a lover’s slow dance As doves

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War Of The Worlds II

Part 3 – The Royal Observatory at Greenwich      After releasing the Contessa from the chair she cleansed herself behind the screen with the basin of water and bar of soap that I had supplied. I would have gladly stood and watched the shadow show again, but unfortunately I did not have the same fortuitous lighting as previous, so took the time instead to clean up the apparatus and chair.     

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Darleen – Part 02

For the next forty years, I lived my life. I still pined for Darleen, just not as bad as I first had. For the first couple of years, Jane and I got together about twice a week. Mostly, Friday and Saturday nights. She found a guy who was happy for her to go out and fuck other guys. Jane and I really didn’t have any feelings for each other, we just made each other feel good. I loved fucking

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Exposing Alice

In previous postings I’ve described how I’ve challenged Alice, my wife, to expose her body to strangers. She’s always reluctant but doing it makes her incredibly hot. And our sex afterward is terrific. She’s a beautiful forty-year-old blonde with beautiful 34B tits and, at my request, a shaved pussy. Here’s how it began: One night during some pillow talk, I mentioned that when we were at

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Mutual Arrangement

I don’t know what gave me the courage to even start it. I don’t know anything about her, not even her name. In fact, we have never spoken, not a single word. I know she works at the small library in our town and is about my age, mid-fifties. Like me, just an average person, not beautiful and sexy, slightly plump and always smartly dressed in a blouse and flared skirt that comes to her knee.

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Sex Class Part 2

Cassie lay stark naked on the bed. Wet, horny…and slightly embarrassed. The sex therapist–the hot doctor, Ciaran Kennedy–had demonstrated how to get her in this state. She could hardly believe she had let him do all these things to her body in front of his excited audience. But now, it was their turn: Joe, the plump guy who thought he wasn’t satisfying his wife, Ben, the cute-ish guy

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The Little Witch Comes To Town – Part Four

Saturday – morning and afternoon I was awoken on Saturday morning by my wife’s soft sighs and her warm, sweet breath wafting across my face. I opened my eyes to see her beautiful face only inches from my own. Her eyes were closed, but she was not asleep. She was lying on her side, almost turned over to her face, but one leg was drawn up to her waist and one arm pushing down on the pillow

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Crazy From The Heat

Jake looked up at the fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling of his garage as they started to flicker. When the lights went dead, he cursed, “Fuck, not again.” It was mid-July in Toronto, the start of the Dog Days of Summer. When the power would come back on again was anybody’s guess. South-Western Ontario was also under an extreme heat alert. For the next seven days, the temperature

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Temporary Cock, Part 3

I made it through the rest of the car ride, but by the time we arrived at Liv’s place, my cock was fully erect again. She had a great apartment right on the top floor of a new building that I usually was super jealous of. Right now all I wanted to do was get inside. She fumbled in her purse for her fob to unlock the door. A stiff breeze rolled down the street, gusting beneath my dress

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Job Interview Goes Amiss

The last time I put out a job application, I was eighteen years younger and you found the work in the help wanted ads. Now, it seems everything is online, and you email them, hoping to hear back from them. So, I spend most of my afternoons online, searching and hoping I find something. It’s come down to I’ll take anything that brings me in some money. Sad, a year ago, I was well established

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Carolyn's Lingerie Store Sexcapade

This story is about a fun time that my husband, Mark and I had many years ago at an exotic lingerie store, in which my tits played a key role. Mark is crazy about my tits, and though I don’t mean to boast, most guys seem to really love them, especially my big, dark nipples. Mark is always trying to pull my top down when we’re out and about, and he loves it when I flash my tits in public

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