To Russia with Lust: chapter two

One of the many things to enjoy about Ekaterina’s dacha was that it was an intriguing mixture of license and discipline; rather like its owner, when one came to think of it. With Ekaterina absent, enjoying the ample charms of a very aroused Emm, Sarah and I were free to finish off our delicious light lunch, and then, after consulting Ivana about future plans, had an afternoon to settle into

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Infinite Lust

Maia was back. She came back every summer and Arch never knew how to deal with it. It seemed fitting for her to reappear with blue skies and sunshine and yet her arrival wound him into something that took weeks to undo. She never stayed long. Just a few days. If he hadn’t paid attention, he might have even missed her. Just the edge of a pretty skirt or the swing of her dark hair. The

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The Edge of Control

The digital readout on the no-brand hotel TV advanced a minute, the room silent save for my erratic panting. My head thrashed left on the pillow and I caught sight of the wildfire in my chestnut eyes from the nearby mirror above the desk. They shone from the eyeholes of a snug Venetian lace mask that extended from inky hairline to the tip of my button nose. I wasn’t sure who was staring

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Moon Goddess

oceans can’t seperate us mountains can’t hold us the first touch then that kiss mark you made I wake knowing your visit to my heart as you feed me your love drink your sweetness swim in your love gives me pause purely only ours you in my eyes forever in my heart  

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Blind  Bound I survive in noise And knowledge That you live in the ether Beside me,  That I do not Suffer alone.    But her voice, Fragile as eggshells, Gifts devotion, Adoration, Though the fraying seams Holding our world in place.  Her scent  Peels back the twine  Clasping my skin And seals, Proliferating Like a thousand spores,  Covering my flesh with scales.    The

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A Night At The Movies.

It was an older but well-maintained movie house that the owners had managed to recapture the opulence of the theaters of the 40’s and 50’s. They also decided to try an experiment and open on the weekends and show the old horror movies of years past. What with flat-screen televisions and surround sound systems many homes boasted it was a risk. The risk paid off and people flocked

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To Russia with Lust: chapter one

Sarah smiled at me. ‘I love you Pixie! I love you as much as the day we married.’ Hugging her, I reminded her that as that had only been two months earlier, it was rather good. On tippy toes, I kissed her, tasting her sweetness, loving her scent; our love buoyed me up. Much had changed since the Spring. Our marriage had brought us to share Sarah’s house in Kensington, and I had managed

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Mrs. Lee, Part 2

The next morning, I woke up in the afternoon. I had trouble sleeping the night before, I couldn’t get Mrs. Lee out of my mind. Her sexy thick build, her soft sexy voice, replaying her making me cum the night before. Whatever it was, she had a spell on me. I bet I had stroked my cock at least three times after getting home last night, thinking of her. I laid there, my 6’5″, 210 pound,

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My Brief Affair With Clare, the Office Girl.

I’d just finished helping the warehouse guys unload a batch of new fridges from the van. It had been mauling work and I had taken a moment to get my breath. It’s then I noticed her watching me. That was the first time I saw Clare. I smiled. There was a moment between us. I went to my workstation to take a drink from the bottle of water I kept there. Clare followed me and said, “Should a

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Good Birthday Vibes

“Not bad, not bad at all!” I mumbled to my mirror image as I gently brushed through my hair. After what felt like a week of bad hair days, my thick blonde mane had finally decided to cooperate and now framed my face with soft curls. I was getting ready for a night out. It was my husband Tom’s birthday, and we were soon supposed to meet up with some of our closest friends at a nice

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Friends with Benefits

Twenty-four-year-old Roma, shy but married, walked along the school corridor past the Headmaster’s office. Two men’s heads followed as her ass swung… ‘Who is that young woman?’ ‘That is Roma Jones, our junior lab assistant. She joined us in September, Headmaster.’ ‘Perhaps it is time we ensured that she took part in more extracurricular activities? Send her to see me, Mr. Wilson.’

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From Spankee to Spanker

My first ever spanking happened when I was nine, I broke the window of my Dad’s Mustang. My mum bent me over the kitchen table and gave me fifty spanks on my bare ass. It certainly wasn’t my last spanking. I misbehaved a lot in my early years. Over time, I wondered what it would be like to be a spanker rather than a spankee. Twenty years later, I’m a maths teacher at the very school where

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Peen Watches Television

Peen was in the day room watching television. He laughed at the antics of The Three Stooges. It was in the early afternoon and there were not a lot of other men around. Most people were on duty at this time. He was on sick leave because of a twisted ankle. The doc had given him a chit to get out of duty that morning at sick call. He popped some salted Spanish peanuts into his mouth and

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Mike The Gigolo, Pt. 2: Mike is surprised at room 276

Ron Vincent shook his head as he viewed the information in front of him. He looked up at me where I stood on the other side of his desk, “By God, Mike, I knew you’d be good for business. How long have you been on my gigolo team?” “Two months,” I told him, pleased that he was satisfied. “Jesus, two months, and I have three ladies wanting repeat bookings. That sixty-year-old wants a

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Tapping the Marina MILF

I caressed her soft smooth body, brushing back her long strawberry blonde hair as I kissed her lips and her neck as I unfastened her bra.  She slid her hand over my chest and down to my cock, gently stroking my hardening shaft.  I pulled her bra away and went down on her breasts, licking, kissing and sucking on each hard little nipple.  She ran her fingers through my hair holding my head close to her breasts as I slid my right hand down to the soft mound between her legs.

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The Grimoire – 6.1 – Jennie et Al

When I woke up, the sun was shining, and the two women were wrapped up around each other. Jennie and Sunita seemed to have fallen asleep while mutually eating each other’s pussies. I was enthralled by the fact that Jennie had offered to take Sunita into her household. Those two would do very well together. I looked at the clock that was ticking away over the mantelpiece and realized with a

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Melanie's Cookery Class Part Six

The following morning Melanie cooked Eamon his breakfast as usual and he left the house at seven thirty. She had a leisurely shower and packed her bag, ready to drive on to Wetherby, after seeing Robert Holborn. “He’s a lovely, lovely man, Liz,” Melanie said to her cousin, as she described her visit to the solicitor’s office over lunch in the ‘Rose and Crown’. “You seem to be getting more

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Long ago at rest

It is said that Artemis ‘gainst pity lifted her wail, saying it caused the forests to fail, slaying her nymphs and sparing all manner of foul things.   The ancient goddesses and gods were like that, they were pitiless, they wanted what they wanted and wanted it now, at any cost.   But they were wrong. They saw themselves and called it god. In worshipping, they paid homage

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Feels Just Like Starting Over

[Just to set a tiny bit of context, as this excerpt has been taken from a longer story I’ve written – Daniel has just won the Olympic showjumping gold medal.  He’s accompanied by his wife Emma plus friends Trudy and (multi-millionnaire) Eddie who are busy engaging in some additional celebrations of their own!] *************** Trudy stepped out of the steaming shower, wrapped a warm, soft

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The Yellow Book Fantasies

My name is Chad Dupree. You can say I have a big imagination. It served me well. Other times. well, let’s get to that. I write sexual fantasies. You can say I am a horndog, sure. At least I express it. I am in college to become a writer. You would think that college has girls and sex everywhere. Yes and no. You’ve got to know where to look. Sometimes, it finds you. In that case, be ready.

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My Dream Story

Vera, my wife of twenty-plus years, and I were having sex one night, which is always good. When we’d finished and were lying there, she asked, “Jim, do you still like having sex with me? What can we do to throw a little spice into it?” Being a kinky kind of guy and wanting to try new things, I thought about it and then said that I wanted her to have sex with another man. “Jim, why do you

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She Cums from Away (The Hand Job Series)

A few years ago when I first moved to Toronto I did some online dating. I was in my thirties and looking for something casual in a relationship. Not that I would have been averse to anything serious developing, but that really wasn’t what I had in mind. Of course, the term ‘casual relationship’ can mean different things to different people. It could mean anything from friendship to hooking

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The Sleepover

This story goes back a few years to shortly after I turned sixteen. I was a horny teenage lad, masturbating to porn but never getting any real action. At school, I was always trying to catch glimpses of the female teachers’ legs and cleavage. It seemed like I had sex on the brain twenty-four-seven, and it was having a detrimental affect on my education. For such a young man, I had an

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Lesbian Squirt Cum Kiss

The first time Candice saw Agatha was at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert. She waited in line about fifteen people ahead of Candice, wearing a short red plaid skirt and a faded black Nine Inch Nails T-shirt cut into a crop-top. Her leather jacket, the one she owned for the better part of her life, was unzipped and the lapels were so big they almost completely obscured the breast pockets. Her

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The Damascus Road: Part Ten

I went back to my chamber in a sombre mood. It was utterly unreasonable of me to be jealous, and I was not even sure that I was; something else was going on. It was plain that Ayesha and Jess loved each other; what I had seen was not simple lust at work. God knows, I knew enough about that, and I recognised, perhaps all the more so after my encounter with Ana, the difference between the

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Diver Down

My mind was spinning trying to think of different ways to get her back to my place and seduce her.  As I dried off with the towel I realized I didn’t have my boxer briefs and only had a pair of nylon shorts and a t-shirt.  I was going to be swinging free and the nylon shorts clung to my body leaving nothing to the imagination!  I walked out of the bathroom and saw Prisha lying on a leather sofa looking sexy as hell!  I could feel an erection already beginning to build.  I walked over toward Prisha and she immeditately noticed the outline of my shaft in my shorts.  I saw her eyeing my crotch as if in a trance and then she smiled and looked up at me, “Do you wanna fuck me?”   

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The Farmer's Daughters

I own a remote piece of property in the Midwest, but not so far outside of town as to be unable to make an occasional run for groceries and spend time in the local bar. The locals were friendly and help me when things go wrong as they often do out in the woods. My cabin is basic. It has running water and electricity but heating is with a wood stove. Some of my time is spent with a

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Lactating Lake Resort MILF Prostitutes Herself

Full-time residents in lake resort towns can develop love-hate relationships with the tourists and seasonal residents who they rely on for their survival.  The local economies in those areas are dependent on the whims of the real estate market and the vacation spending of those visiting the area.  That is especially true for lake resorts in areas with harsh winters, where the summer seasons

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Mask of a Hero, Face of a Champion

Luckily, tonight’s match will only be in front of a small crowd. I’m standing before the locker room’s floor-length mirror, making sure every blade of my cropped, fire-red hair is gelled into place, tightening my wrist and ankle wraps so that Rhea won’t have a chance to snap my joints while we’re rolling around the ring. The concrete floor is cool against my feet, and I hop on my toes a

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